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Video Conferencing Systems

The video conferencing system consists of various components like the camera, the display device (LCD, plasma etc.) and the phone, which is the communication device between the viewer and the speaker or recording device. The video conferencing system requires a high bandwidth connection and a microphone that capture the analog audio input. The video conferencing system also requires a computer with a good graphics card and an Internet connection. Some of the latest technology based computer systems offer high speed connection.

The video conferencing system is divided into two major steps: transfer and compression. During transfer, the microphone and camcorder capture AV audio input. The data captured is in the form of constant waves of intensities and frequencies. These represent the captured images, sounds, colors, depths and shades. Visit this page to contact the yeastar distributor experts who are well skilled and experienced in offering these products to your business.

The next step in the process is compression. The computer converts the data into a regular stream of audio. The compression process uses the most efficient codecs. Some of the most popular compression codecs are the Microsoft MPEG-2 Video codec, the OpenMAX Rapid Application Development codec and the Realtek Digital Video codec. All the models use different methods to compress the audio and video files and therefore the file size becomes less significant during compression.

After compression, the video and audio data are then compressed into the compressed file. This is generally done on the computer's hard disk or on an external storage device attached to the computer such as a DVD player. A high quality audio system is preferred so as to ensure high quality video conferencing system. High bandwidth Internet connections speed up the process of compression making it more effective.

Video and audio systems are generally bundled together. A wide variety of video calling services are available in the market today. Examples of these services include the  Microsoft Office Live Meeting, the Windows Live Meeting, Yahoo Messenger Live, and the Vonage video calling. Video calling services make use of advanced technology for higher quality audio and video output and input results. Higher end video calling services have better audio and video input/output features as compared to lower quality video calling services. Advanced technology also ensures better clarity in speech.

There are various companies that offer video conferencing systems. One can contact different video conferencing suppliers companies and obtain a customized system that meets individual requirements. However, some of the best video conferencing systems are offered by the three companies - CoolSight, NEC and Xerox. Video Conferencing services have enabled different sections of the business to work together irrespective of their location. You can learn more about having these Video Conferencing Systems from this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videotelephony.

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